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S (Normative)  Fixed Broadband Access [R12]PDF-p. 235
S.1  GeneralUp
S.2  Definitions
S.3  High Level Requirements
S.4  Architecture model and reference points
S.5  Functional description
S.6  Functional Entities
S.7  PCC Procedures and Flows
S.8  Charging using AAA signalling [R13]
T  How to accumulate PCC/ADC Rule usage in multiple monitoring groups [R12]PDF-p. 255
U (Normative)  Policy and charging control in the downlink direction for traffic marked with DSCP by the TDF [R13]PDF-p. 256
V  Policy Control for Remote UEs behind a ProSe UE-to-Network Relay UE [R13]PDF-p. 257
X  Encrypted traffic detection by using domain name matching [R14]PDF-p. 259
Y  Change historyPDF-p. 260

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