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TS 23.280 (SA6)
Common functional architecture
to support Mission Critical services

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V15.2.0 (Wzip)    2017/12    191 p.
V14.4.0 (PDF)    2017/12    149 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Amogh, Niranth
See also:  MCX-related TS/TR    

This document specifies the common functional architecture, procedures and information flows needed to support mission critical services including the common services core architecture.

The present document is applicable primarily to mission critical services using E-UTRAN access based on the EPC architecture. Certain MC service functions such as dispatch and administrative functions could also be supported via non-3GPP access networks but no additional functionality is specified to support non-3GPP access.

The common functional architecture to support mission critical services can be used for public safety applications and also for general commercial applications e.g. utility companies and railways.

for V14, V15:    (D) CR to replace uneditable figures   |   (F) Add group deletion functionality
for V15:    (B) Retrieval of migration credentials for access to SIP core / IMS of a partner MC system   |   (A) MC group configuration data correction   |   (B) Priority between MC service servers   |   (C) Multi-server MBMS bearer coordination   |   (B) Architecture requirements for migration   |   (B) Signalling plane functional model for interconnection   |   (B) Architectural requirements for interconnection   |   (B) Addition of interconnection affiliation   |   (F) CR on clarification for MC service group ID   |   (F) CR on MBMS usage for group configuration   |   (B) Request for resources from MC service server   |   (B) Functional model update   |   (F) Location Server integration to PLMN   |   (B) Introduction of multi-talker control   |   (B) Introduction of Functional alias(es)   |   (F) Renaming of "emergency condition"   |   (B) Network selection for EPC-level roaming to support migration   |   (C) Take over procedure for Functional alias(es)   |   (B) Functional alias controlling role of MC service server   |   (F) GMS selection during group regroup   |   (F) Correction of "Group creation confirmation response"   |   (B) Information flows for interconnection group configuration   |   (B) Interconnection call procedures   |   (B) Interconnection configuration enforcement   |   (B) Interconnection media replication   |   (B) Serving server and system definition   |   (F) Renaming of "MCService emergency state cancel"   |   (F) Addition to group configuration data   |   (F) Removal of Editor's note in the procedures for MBMS usage   |   (B) Provision of group dynamic data   |   (B) Definitions of interconnection, migration and MC gateway server

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