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TR 23.882 (SA2)
3GPP system architecture evolution (SAE)
Report on technical options and conclusions

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V8.0.0 (Wzip)    2008/09    234 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Pudney, Chris
See also:  EPC-related TS/TR    

The objective of this feasibility study was to develop a framework for an evolution or migration of the 3GPP system to a higher-data-rate, lower-latency, packet-optimized system that supports, multiple RATs. The focus of this work is on the PS domain with the assumption that voice services are supported in this domain.

Note:  This feasibility study has led into work items specifying LTE/SAE and the contents of this study should be considered out of date.


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1   Scope   Word-p. 11
2   References   Word-p. 12
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations   Word-p. 14
4   Architecture Baseline   Word-p. 15
5   Requirements on the Architecture   Word-p. 20
6   Scenarios and Solutions   Word-p. 22
7   Key Architectural Issues
7.1   Key Issue Policy control and Charging   Word-p. 23
7.2   Key Issue- Roaming with Local Breakout      Up
7.3   Tracking Area   Word-p. 27
7.4   Radio Access Network - Core Network Functional Split   Word-p. 29      Up
7.5   Key Issue Inter 3GPP Access System Mobility in Idle State   Word-p. 31

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