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TR 23.863 (SA2)
Support of SMS in IMS without MSISDN

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V12.0.0 (Wzip)  2012/12  69 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Wong, Curt
See also:  SMSIP-related TS/TR

This Technical Report is to specify architecture enhancement toward SMS submit/delivery mechanism in IMS to allow IMS registered UE to:
  • Receive and send SMS without requiring an MSISDN associated as part of their IMS subscription record in HSS and
  • any possible enhancements towards the related storing and forwarding mechanism if the UE is out of reach.
There are three potential aspects for these IMS UEs without MSISDN that need to be investigated:
  • Server - IMS UE communication via SMS (e.g. for M2M).
  • IMS UE to IMS UE communication via SMS for person to person communications. Both UEs do not have MSISDN.
  • SMS Interworking between IMS UE without MSISDN and traditional UE (e.g. CS) with MSISDN.
Normative specification work (if needed or feasible) for each of these areas can be started independently.


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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviations
4  Architecture Requirements and assumptions
5  Solution AlternativesUp
5.1  Server - MSISDN-less IMS UE communication via SMS
5.1.1  Server to MSISDN-less IMS UE
5.1.2  MSISDN-less IMS UE to Server
5.2  Communication via SMS between MSISDN-less IMS UEs
5.3  Communication via SMS between MSISDN-less IMS UE and Traditional UE
5.3.1  MSISDN-less IMS UE to Traditional UE
5.3.2  Traditional UE to MSISDN-less IMS UE
6  Key Issues
7  Alternatives Assessment and ConclusionsWord-p. 54
A  Addressing in SMSWord-p. 59
B  Change historyWord-p. 68

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