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draft-TR 23.740 (SA2)
Study on Enhancement of Network Slicing

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V0.5.0 (Wzip)  2018/08  53 p.

Rapporteur:  Miss So, Tricci
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The scope of this Technical Report is:
  • Identify, prioritize and study the practical non-roaming and roaming deployment scenarios and system impacts when the 5GS is not able to support all possible combination of S-NSSAIs for the UE, and the aspects of mutually exclusive access to Network Slices.
  • Study the possible enhancement for the Network Slicing interworking with EPC for Connected and Idle modes.
  • Study how to provide Network Slice Access authentication and authorization specific for the Network Slice Access authorization that uses User Identities and Credentials different from the 3GPP SUPI and that takes place after the primary authentication which is still required between the UE and the 5GS for PLMN access authorization and authentication.