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8.2.14   Advice Of Charge (AOC) [R8]
8.2.15   Explicit Communication Transfer (ECT) [R8]   PDF-p. 36
8.2.16   Reverse charging [R8]
8.2.17   Closed User Group (CUG) [R8]      Up
8.2.18   Three-Party (3PTY) [R8]
8.2.19   Flexible Alerting (FA) [R8]
8.2.20   Personal Network Management (PNM) [R8]   PDF-p. 42
8.2.21   Customized Alerting Tone (CAT) [R8]      Up
8.2.22   Customized Ringing Signal (CRS) [R8]
8.2.23   Completion of Communications on No Reply (CCNR) [R9]   PDF-p. 44   Definition   Service interactions with other IMS supplementary services   Interoperability with PSTN/ISDN

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