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TR 22.967 (SA1)
Transferring of emergency call data

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Wu, Jian (Jim) Jun
See also:  eCall-related TS/TR

During 2004 a number of discussions were held between the Commission for the European Communities (CEC), the automotive industry, the telecommunication industry and ETSI standards groups regarding the provisioning of invehicle emergency calls. This initiative was called eSafety. As part of this initiative, eCall was defined as a specific item in the scope of the eSafety initiative. eCall is intended to extend the current E112 capabilities to enable the Transferring of eCall data between the Vehicle and the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

This TR examines the issues associated with the transmission of Emergency Call Data from a vehicle to a Public Service Access Point (PSAP).

Issues associated with the content of the Emergency Call Data or the triggers of the Emergency Calls are outside the scope of this document.