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TS 33.102 (SA3)
3G Security architecture

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V4.5.0  2002/12  63 p.
V3.13.0  2002/12  65 p.

Rapporteur:  Miss Jerichow, Anja
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This TS defines the security architecture, i.e., the security features and the security mechanisms, for the third generation mobile telecommunication system.

It defines 3G security procedures performed within 3G capable networks (R99+), i.e. intra-UMTS and UMTS-GSM. As an example, UMTS authentication is applicable to UMTS radio access as well as GSM radio access provided that the serving network node and the MS are UMTS capable. Interoperability with non-UMTS capable networks (R98-) is also covered.

NOTE:   AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement) is described in detail in  Section 6.3  of this specification.