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TS 36.355 (RAN2)
E-UTRA — LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP)

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V15.2.0 (PDF)2018/12  … p.  (last PDF not published yet)
V14.7.0  2018/09  172 p.
V13.3.0  2016/12  143 p.
V12.5.0  2016/01  128 p.
V11.6.0  2014/07  120 p.
V10.12.0  2014/07  120 p.
V9.14.0  2014/07  120 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Kitazoe, Masato
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This TS contains the definition of the LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP). LPP is used point-to-point between a location server (E-SMLC or SLP: OMA SUPL Location Platform) and a target device (UE or SET: OMA SUPL Enabled Terminal) in order to position the target device using position-related measurements obtained by one or more reference sources.