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TS 36.321 (RAN2)
E-UTRA — Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol specification

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V14.9.02018/12  110 p.
V13.9.0  2018/06  93 p.
V12.10.0  2017/09  78 p.
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V10.10.0  2014/01  56 p.
V9.6.0  2012/03  50 p.
V8.12.0  2012/03  49 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Folke, Mats
See also:
TS 25.321 (UTRA MAC)
TS 38.321 (NR MAC)

This TS specifies the E-UTRA MAC protocol. E-UTRA defines two MAC entities; one in the UE and one in the E-UTRAN. These MAC entities handle the following transport channels:
  • Broadcast Channel (BCH);
  • Downlink Shared Channel(s) (DL-SCH);
  • Paging Channel (PCH);
  • Uplink Shared Channel(s) (UL-SCH);
  • Random Access Channel(s) (RACH);
  • Multicast Channel(s) (MCH).
The exact functions performed by the MAC entities are different in the UE from those performed in the E-UTRAN. The Relay Node includes both MAC entities; one for communication with UEs and one for communication with the E-UTRAN.