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C (Normative)  UMTS and EPS HI3 interfaces [R5]PDF-p. 267
D  LEMF requirements - handling of unrecognised fields and parameters [R5]PDF-p. 279
E  Bibliography [R5]PDF-p. 280
F  Correlation indications of IMS IRI with GSN CC at the LEMF [R7]PDF-p. 282
G  United States lawful interception [R5]PDF-p. 283
H (Normative)  United States lawful interception [R5]PDF-p. 288
J (Normative)  Definition of the UUS1 content associated and sub-addressing to the CC link [R6]PDF-p. 291
K (Normative)  VoIP HI3 Interface [R12]PDF-p. 298

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