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TS 32.298 (SA5)
Charging management –
Charging Data Record (CDR) parameter description

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V15.5.1 (PDF)2018/12  … p.  (last PDF not published yet)
V14.7.02018/12  212 p.
V13.11.02018/12  207 p.
V12.15.02018/12  186 p.
V11.18.0  2017/09  162 p.
V10.20.0  2016/12  151 p.
V9.23.0  2016/12  146 p.
V8.22.0  2016/06  140 p.
V7.5.0  2008/12  128 p.
V6.9.0  2007/10  124 p.

Rapporteur:  Mrs. Gardella, Maryse
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This TS specifies the CDR parameters, the abstract syntax and encoding rules for all the CDR types that are defined in the charging management TSs described above. Therefore, it is only applicable to offline charging. The mechanisms used to transfer the CDRs from the generating node to the operator's billing domain (e.g. the billing system or a mediation device) are specified in TS 32.297. Further details with respect to the operator's billing domain for offline charging are out of scope of 3GPP standardisation.

Note that a generic Diameter application for online charging in 3GPP networks is specified in TS 32.299. Furthermore, 3GPP TSs are being created to standardise some technical aspects of the operator's billing domain for online charging, i.e. the Online Charging System (OCS).