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7  User service requirements [R5]Up
7.1  Identifying IP multimedia application subscriptions
7.2  Access to the IM CN subsystemPDF-p. 14
7.3  Capability negotiation
7.4  Redirecting of IP Multimedia sessions
7.5  Invoking an IP multimedia sessionPDF-p. 15
7.6  Handling of an incoming session (by the terminating entity)PDF-p. 17
7.7  Handling of an ongoing session
7.8  Ending a session
7.10  Handling of conferences [R6]
7.11  Handling of multicast services [R7]PDF-p. 20
7.12  Support for Local Numbers in the IMS [R7]
7.13  User determined user busy [R8]
7.14  IMS Inter-UE Transfer [R9]PDF-p. 21
7.15  Prevention of Unsolicited Communication in IMS (PUCI) [R9]PDF-p. 22
7.16  Support for Push Notification Service in IMS [R12]

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