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3GPP series of Technical Specifications and Reports



42-series – Service Aspects – Stage 1
GSM only, Rel-4 and later

Full List of TS/TR elaborated from:
Following the last plenary meetings of  September 2016
new TS/TR:
updated TS/TR:

TS 42.009    SA3    Rel‑4
TS 42.017    CT6    Rel‑4
TS 42.019    CT6    Rel‑4  to  Rel‑5
TS 42.033    SA3    Rel‑4  to  Rel‑13
TS 42.043    SA1    Rel‑4  to  Rel‑13
TS 42.056    SA1    Rel‑4  to  Rel‑13
TS 42.068    SA1    Rel‑4  to  Rel‑13
TS 42.069    SA1    Rel‑4  to  Rel‑13