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TS 36.141 (RAN4)
E-UTRA – Base Station conformance testing

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Nakamura, Takaharu
See also:  TS 25.141   .142 (UTRA)     TS 38.141-1   .141-2 (NR)

The present document specifies the Radio Frequency (RF) test methods and conformance requirements for E‑UTRA, E‑UTRA with NB‑IoT or NB‑IoT Base Stations (BS) operating either in the FDD mode (used in paired bands) or the TDD mode (used in unpaired bands). These have been derived from, and are consistent with the E‑UTRA, E‑UTRA with NB‑IoT or NB‑IoT Base Station (BS) specifications in TS 36.104.

for V13, V14, V15:    (F) Correction on NB-IoT RB power dynamic range for in-band band operation   |   (F) CR to 36.141: BS Spurious emissions limits for protection of the BS receiver for B28 in Europe   |   (F) CR on corrections of table references and notes (36.141)   |   (F) Removal of BS repetition sensitivity
for V14, V15:    (F) CR to 36.141: Corrections to co-location tables for B48   |   (F) Updates to eLAA PUSCH conformance requirements   |   (F) Introduction of performance requirements for PUSCH transmission in UpPTS
for V15:    (F) Cleanup for BS IC conformance requirements    |   (B) CR to 36.141: Introduction of Band 73   |   (B) Introduction of additional band combinations for Intra-band CA   |   (B) Introduction of additional band combinations for 4DL CA   |   (B) CR to 36.141: Introduction of Band 49   |   (B) CR on addition of NB-IoT small cell support (36.141)   |   (B) Introduction of completed R15 3DL band combinations to TS 36.141   |   (B) Introduction of 5DL CA combinations to 36.141   |   (B) Introduction of missing 3DL fallbacks to 4DL combinations

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