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5  Requirements [R3]PDF-p. 8
5.1  Description of requirements
5.2  Normal operation
5.3  Exceptional procedures
5.4  Interworking considerations
5.5  Charging aspectsPDF-p. 13
5.6  Minimum service requirements
5.7  LI Requirements for encrypted services [R10]
5.8  Lawful Interception for Customized Alerting Tone (CAT) [R10]PDF-p. 14
5.9  Lawful Interception for Customized Ringing Signal (CRS) [R10]PDF-p. 15
5.10  Lawful Interception for Home Node B and Home enhanced Node B (H(e)NB) [R10]Up
5.11  Location information [R11]PDF-p. 16
5.12  LI requirements for IMS VoIP Service [R11]
5.13  Delivery requirements for messaging [R12]
5.14  LI requirements for management of IMS supplementary services settings [R12]
5.15  LI requirements for IMS Video Service [R14]PDF-p. 18
5.16  LI requirements for IMS based Push-to-Talk [R14]
6  Handover interface requirements [R3]
A  Bibliography [R11]PDF-p. 19Up
B (Normative)  Lawful access usage of Location Services (LCS) [R13]PDF-p. 20
C  Change historyPDF-p. 22

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