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5.3   Use cases for Performance Management
5.4   Other Use cases involving Network Deployment   Word-p. 28
5.5   Use cases for Core Network Lifecycle Management
5.5.1   Network Service Descriptor On-boarding
5.5.2   Disable Network Service Descriptor
5.5.3   Enable Network Service Descriptor
5.5.4   Update Network Service Descriptor
5.5.5   Query Network Service Descriptor   Word-p. 31
5.5.6   Delete Network Service Descriptor
5.5.7   VNF Package On-boarding
5.5.8   Enabling VNF Package
5.5.9   Disabling VNF Package
5.5.10   VNF Package Update   Word-p. 34
5.5.11   Querying VNF Package
5.5.12   Deleting VNF Package
5.5.13   Instantiation of Core Network Service
5.5.14   Network Service instance scaling
5.5.15   Network Service instance update due to VNF instance modification
5.5.16   Termination of Core Network Service Instance
5.5.17   VNF expansion
5.5.18   VNF Contraction   Word-p. 40
5.5.19   Termination of Core VNF instance
5.5.20   Notifications for VNF auto-scaling executed by VNFM

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