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TS 32.296 (SA5)
Charging management –
Online Charging System (OCS): Applications and Interfaces

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Rapporteur:  Mrs. Gardella, Maryse
See also:  Charging-related TS/TR

This TS covers all internal aspects of the Online Charging System (OCS). This TS contains the architecture and functions of the OCS logical components and thereby derives the functionality of the OCS interfaces. A detailed specification of interfaces between the logical OCS components is also included. The functionality of the OCS, as described in this TS, applies to all charging domains (bearer, session and service).

This TS is limited to the interface between the charging function and the Rating Function, namely Re. The interfaces connecting to the OCS (e.g. Ro, CAP) are out of the scope of this TS.


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1  Scope [R6]PDF-p. 7
2  References [R6]PDF-p. 8
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R6]PDF-p. 9
4  Required functionality of the OCS [R6]PDF-p. 12
5  Architectural concept [R6]PDF-p. 14
6  Functionalities and message flows [R6]PDF-p. 18
6.1  Reference point required functionality
6.2  Re message flowsPDF-p. 22
6.3  Sy message flows [R11]PDF-p. 53
7  Definition of charging information [R6]PDF-p. 55
7.1  Re message types and formats
7.1.1  General guidelines
7.1.2  MethodsPDF-p. 56Up
7.1.3  Parameter definitions
7.1.4  Protocol specificationPDF-p. 65  Introduction [R12]  Rating messages on the Re interfaceUp  AVPs for Rating on the Re interfacePDF-p. 68  ActualTime AVPPDF-p. 70  AllowedUnits AVP  BasicPrice AVPUp  BasicPriceTimeStamp AVP  BeginTime AVP  BillingInfo AVP  ConsumedUnits AVP  ConsumedUnitsAfterTariffSwitch AVP  Counter AVPPDF-p. 71  CounterChange AVP  CounterChangeForFirstChargeableTimeUnit AVP  CounterChangeForFirstChargeableTimeUnitAfterSwitch AVP  CounterChangePerChargeableVolumeUnit AVPUp  CounterChangePerChargeableVolumeUnitAfterSwitch AVP  CounterChangePerConsumedServiceUnit AVP  CounterChangePerSession AVP  CounterChangePerSubsequentChargeableTimeUnit AVPPDF-p. 72  CounterChangePerSubsequentChargeableTimeUnitAfterSwitch AVP  CounterExpiryDate AVP  CounterID AVP  CounterPrice AVP  CounterTariff AVP  CounterThreshold AVPPDF-p. 74Up  CounterType AVP  CounterValue AVP  CounterValueBegin AVP  CounterValueChange AVP  CounterValueEnd AVP  DestinationID AVP  DestinationIDData AVP  DestinationIDType AVPPDF-p. 75  ExpiryTime AVP  Extension AVPUp  FirstRequest AVP  ImpactOnCounter AVPPDF-p. 77  MinimalRequestedUnits AVP  MonetaryTariffAfterValidUnits AVP  MonetaryQuota AVP  Service-Rating AVPPDF-p. 78  Price AVP  RequestedCounter AVP  RequestedUnits AVP  RequestSubType AVPPDF-p. 79Up  Service-Identifier AVP  Service-Information AVP  SetCounterTo AVP  Subscription-Id AVP  Subscription-Id-Data AVP  Subscription-Id-Type AVP  TariffSwitchTime AVPPDF-p. 81  ValidUnits AVP
7.2  OCS CDRsPDF-p. 82
7.3  Sy message types and formats [R11]PDF-p. 83
A  Bibliography [R6]PDF-p. 84
B  Rc reference point operator guidance [R11]PDF-p. 85
C  Change historyPDF-p. 98

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