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TS 29.168 (CT4)
Cell Broadcast Centre interfaces with the Evolved Packet Core – Stage 3

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(P) V14.1.0    2017/09    50 p.
(P) V13.3.0    2017/09    50 p.
(P) V12.10.0    2017/09    49 p.
(P) V11.5.0    2015/12    37 p.
(P) V10.3.1    2016/02    37 p.
(P) V9.6.0    2015/12    35 p.
(P) V8.4.0    2010/09    32 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Tamura, Toshiyuki
See also:  CBS-related TS/TR     PWS-related TS/TR    

This TS specifies the procedures and the SBc Application Part (SBc-AP) messages used on the SBc-AP interface between the Mobility Management Entity (MME) and the Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC).

This TS supports the Warning Message Transmission function in the EPS.


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1   Scope [R8]   PDF-p. 6
2   References [R8]
3   Definitions and abbreviations [R8]   PDF-p. 7
4   SBc description [R8]   PDF-p. 8
4.1   Transport
4.2   SBc-AP functions
4.3   SBc-AP procedure   PDF-p. 9
4.3.1   General
4.3.2   List of SBc-AP elementary procedure
4.3.3   Write Replace Warning Procedure
4.3.3A   Stop Warning Procedure [R9]   PDF-p. 11      Up
4.3.3B   Error Indication [R10]   PDF-p. 12
4.3.3C   Write Replace Warning Indication [R12]
4.3.3D   Stop Warning Indication [R12]
4.3.3E   PWS Restart Indication [R12]
4.3.3F   PWS Failure Indication [R13]      Up
4.3.4   Message functional definition and content
4.4   Message and information element abstract syntax   PDF-p. 24
4.5   Handling of unknown, unforeseen or erroneous protocol data
A   Change history:   PDF-p. 47

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