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TS 29.165 (CT3)
Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface (NNI)

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V15.2.0 (Wzip)    2017/12    147 p.
V14.6.0 (PDF)    2017/12    162 p.
V13.10.0    2017/12    154 p.
V12.17.0    2017/12    160 p.
V11.22.0    2017/12    149 p.
V10.21.0    2015/12    111 p.
V9.21.0    2015/06    43 p.
V8.12.0    2013/03    22 p.

Rapporteur:  Ing. Ascolese, Antonio
See also:  IMS-IW-related TS/TR    

The objective of this document is to address the Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface (II-NNI) consisting of Ici and Izi reference points between IMS networks in order to support end-to-end service interoperability.

for V11 to V15:    Update draft ref for Originating-CDIV param in P-Served-User
for V13 to V15:    Correction of II-NNI condition related to P-Early-Media header field   |   Addition of sign XML MIME body
for V14, V15:    Adding MCData related MIME bodies   |   Reference Update for the ISUP location parameter
for V15:    Editorial modification   |   Reference update: RFC 8262


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