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TS 24.386 (CT1)
UE to V2X Control function –
Protocol aspects – Stage 3

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V15.1.0 (PDF)2018/09  36 p.
V14.3.0  2017/12  37 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Kim, Taehun
See also:  V2X-related TS/TR

The present document specifies the protocols:
  • for V2X authorization between the UE and the V2X control function (over the V3 interface);
  • for V2X communication among the UEs (over the PC5 interface); and
  • for V2X communication between the UE and the V2X application server (over the LTE-Uu interface).
The present document defines the associated procedures for V2X authorization and V2X communication. It also defines the message format, message contents, error handling and system parameters applied by the protocols for V2X. It is applicable to:
  • the UE;
  • the V2X control function; and
  • the V2X application server.