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TS 24.385 (CT1)
V2X services Management Object (MO)

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V14.3.0 (PDF)  2017/12  83 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Kim, Jaehyun
See also:  V2X-related TS/TR

The present document defines Management Object (MO) that is used to configure the UE for V2X services. The MO is compatible with the OMA Device Management (DM) protocol specifications, version 1.2 and upwards, and is defined using the OMA DM Device Description Framework (DDF) as described in the Enabler Release Definition OMA-ERELD-DM-V1_2.

The MO consists of relevant parameters for provisioning and authorization of V2X communication at the UE. The protocol aspects for V2X are described in TS 24.386.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsPDF-p. 9
4  V2X Communication Provisioning MO
5  MO configuration parametersPDF-p. 14
5.1  General
5.2  Node: <X>
5.3  <X>/ NameUp
5.4  Configuration parameters for V2X provisioning
5.5  Configuration parameters for V2X communication over PC5
5.5.1  <X>/ V2XoverPC5
5.5.2  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ Expiration
5.5.3  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ ServedByEUTRANPDF-p. 16Up
5.5.4  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ ServedByEUTRAN/ AuthorizedPLMNs
5.5.5  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ ServedByEUTRAN/ AuthorizedPLMNs/ <X>
5.5.6  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ ServedByEUTRAN/ AuthorizedPLMNs/ <X>/ PLMN
5.5.7  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN
5.5.8  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ AuthorizedPDF-p. 17
5.5.9  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters
5.5.10  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>
5.5.11  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ RadioParametersContents
5.5.12  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ GeographicalAreaPDF-p. 18
5.5.13  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ PolygonUp
5.5.14  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ Polygon/ <X>
5.5.15  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ Polygon/ <X>/ Coordinates
5.5.16  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ Polygon/ <X>/ Coordinates/ <X>PDF-p. 19
5.5.17  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ Polygon/ <X>/ Coordinates/ <X>/ Latitude
5.5.18  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ Polygon/ <X>/ Coordinates/ <X>/ Longitude
5.5.19  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ NotServedByEUTRAN/ RadioParameters/ <X>/ OperatorManaged
5.5.20  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ AuthorizedV2XServiceListPDF-p. 20
5.5.21  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ AuthorizedV2XServiceList/ <X>
5.5.22  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ AuthorizedV2XServiceList/ <X>/ V2XServiceIdentifier
5.5.23  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ AuthorizedV2XServiceList/ <X>/ DestinationLayer2IDUp
5.5.24  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PPPPtoPDBMappingRulePDF-p. 21
5.5.25  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PPPPtoPDBMappingRule/ <X>
5.5.26  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PPPPtoPDBMappingRule/ <X>/ ProSePerPacketPriority
5.5.27  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PPPPtoPDBMappingRule/ <X>/ PacketDelayBudget
5.5.27A  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ DefaultDestinationLayer2ID
5.5.29  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfigPDF-p. 22
5.5.30  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ TimerT5000
5.5.31  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ V2XServicePrivacyList
5.5.32  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ V2XServicePrivacyList/ <X>
5.5.33  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ V2XServicePrivacyList/ <X>/ V2XServiceIdentifierUp
5.5.34  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ V2XServicePrivacyList/ <X>/ GeographicalAreaListPDF-p. 23
5.5.35  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ V2XServicePrivacyList/ <X>/ GeographicalAreaList/ <X>
5.5.36  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ V2XServicePrivacyList/ <X>/ GeographicalAreaList/ <X>/ GeographicalArea
5.5.37  <X>/ V2XoverPC5/ PrivacyConfig/ V2XServicePrivacyList/ <X>/ GeographicalAreaList/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ Polygon
5.5.38  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule
5.5.39  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule/ <X>PDF-p. 24
5.5.40  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule/ <X>/ V2XServiceIdentifier
5.5.41  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule/ <X>/ V2XFrequency
5.5.42  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule/ <X>/ V2XFrequency/ <X>
5.5.43  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule/ <X>/ V2XFrequency/ <X>/ V2XFrequencyUp
5.5.44  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule/ <X>/ GeographicalAreaPDF-p. 25
5.5.45  <X>/ V2XServiceIDtoV2XFrequencyMappingRule/ <X>/ GeographicalArea/ Polygon

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