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TS 22.146     from Rel-6
MBMS - Stage 1
TS 22.246     from Rel-6
MBMS user services - Stage 1

TS 23.246     from Rel-6
MBMS - Architecture and functional description
TR 23.846     Rel-6
MBMS - Study
Clause 2.22  of  TS 23.008     from Rel-9
PS and CS domain – Data related to MBMS
TR 23.741     Rel-13
Study on Enhancements to MBMS for LTE
TS 43.246     from Rel-6
MBMS in the GERAN - Stage 2

TS 25.346     from Rel-6
Introduction of the MBMS in the RAN - Stage 2
TS 25.446     from Rel-6
MBMS synchronisation protocol (SYNC)

TS 26.346     from Rel-6
MBMS Protocols and Codecs

TS 32.273     from Rel-6
MBMS Charging

TS 33.246     from Rel-6
Security of MBMS

Clause 15  of  TS 36.300     from Rel-9
TS 36.440     441     442     443     444     445     from Rel-9
Interfaces supporting MBMS within E-UTRAN: M1, M2, M3

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Clause 8.2.5  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-8

TS 24.616     from Rel-8
MCID using IMS - Protocol specification

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see (in a new tab) the 3GPP News:
Mission Critical Services in 3GPP (June 2017)

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TS 22.280     from Rel-14
Mission Critical Services Common Requirements
TR 22.880     Rel-14
Feasibility study on mission critical data communications

TS 23.280     from Rel-14
Common functional architecture to support Mission Critical services
TR 23.780     Rel-14
Study on MBMS usage for mission critical communication services
TR 23.781     Rel-15
Study on migration and interconnection for mission critical services
TR 23.782     Rel-15
Study on mission critical communication interworking between LTE and non-LTE systems
TS 23.283     from Rel-15
Mission Critical Communication Interworking between LTE and non-LTE Systems

TR 26.881     Rel-15
FEC for MC Services

TS 33.180     from Rel-14
Security of the mission critical service
TR 33.880     Rel-15
Study on Mission Critical Security Enhancements

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TS 22.282     from Rel-14
MCData - Stage 1

TS 23.282     from Rel-14
Functional architecture and information flows to support MCData

TS 24.282     from Rel-14
MCData signalling control - Protocol specification
TS 24.582     from Rel-14
MCData media plane control - Protocol specification

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TS 22.179     from Rel-13
MCPTT - Stage 1

TS 23.179     Rel-13
Functional architecture and information flows to support MCPTT
TS 23.379     from Rel-14
Functional architecture and information flows to support MCPTT
Clause 26  of  TS 23.003     from Rel-13
Numbering, addressing and identification for MCPTT
TR 23.779     Rel-13
Study on application architecture to support MCPTT services

TS 24.379     from Rel-13
MCPTT call control - protocol specification
TS 24.380     from Rel-13
MCPTT media plane control - protocol specification
TS 24.481     from Rel-13
MCS group management - protocol specification
TS 24.482     from Rel-13
MCS identity management - protocol specification
TS 24.483     from Rel-13
MCS Management Object (MO)
TS 24.484     from Rel-13
MCS configuration management - protocol specification
TR 24.980     Rel-13
Minimum requirements for support of MCPTT service over the Gm reference point

TS 26.179     from Rel-13
MCPTT - codecs and media handling
TR 26.989     from Rel-13
Media, codecs and MBMS enhancements for MCPTT

TS 29.283     from Rel-13
MCPTT - Diameter data management applications
Clause 28  of  TS 29.165     from Rel-13
Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface (NNI) for MCPTT

TS 33.179     Rel-13
Security of MCPTT over LTE
TR 33.879     Rel-13
Study on security enhancements for MCPTT over LTE

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TS 22.281     from Rel-14
MCVideo - Stage 1
TR 22.879     Rel-14
Feasibility study on mission critical video services over LTE

TS 23.281     from Rel-14
Functional architecture and information flows to support MCVideo

TS 24.281     from Rel-14
MCVideo signalling control - Protocol specification
TS 24.581     from Rel-14
MCVideo media plane control - Protocol specification

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