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TR 37.977 (RAN4)
UTRA and E-UTRA – Verification of radiated multi-antenna reception performance of UE

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V15.0.0 (PDF)  2018/09  204 p.
V14.6.0  2018/06  204 p.
V13.4.0  2016/06  172 p.
V12.1.0  2014/03  141 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Anaya, Luis
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The present document is the technical report for the work item on MIMO OTA, which was approved at TSG RAN#55. The scope of the WI is to define a 3GPP methodology or set of comparable methodologies for measuring the radiated performance of multiple antenna reception and MIMO receivers in the UE. The test methodology should be relevant for HSPA and LTE technologies, with particular focus on handheld devices and devices embedded in laptop computers.

RAN WG4 has been working on the study item "Measurement of radiated performance for MIMO and multi-antenna reception for HSPA and LTE terminals" with the objective to define a test methodology for measuring the radiated performance of MIMO and multi-antenna UE reception in UMTS and LTE.

RAN4 has done sufficient work to be confident that the definition of a meaningful test methodology is feasible; however RAN4 does not have sufficient evidence yet to conclude on a single test methodology that would fulfil all requirements for standardisation, and the standardisation of multiple test methodologies may be one eventual outcome, with a view to avoid differences in the decision of what is a "good" or "bad" device from the radiated receiver performance perspective.