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TR 37.846 (RAN4)
Study on 2GHz FDD for UTRA and LTE
in Region 1 (1980-2010 MHz and 2170-2200 MHz Bands)

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V12.1.0 (Wzip)  2014/10  38 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Kim, John
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The present document is the technical report for the 2GHz FDD for UTRA and LTE in Region 1 (1980-2010MHz and 2170-2200MHz Bands) study item in RP-122031 approved at TSG RAN#58 (Barcelona, Dec 2012). The objective of the study item is to facilitate and harmonize the efficient use of the bands 1 980-2 010 MHz and 2 170-2 200 MHz for UMTS and LTE technologies in FDD in applicable countries in Region 1.

This study addresses only the case of a terrestrial network operating as a complementary ground component in the MSS frequency band 1 980 - 2 010 MHz / 2 170 - 2 200 MHz. Inter-operation and coexistence between the terrestrial network part of the complementary ground component and the satellite component are not part of this study. The satellite component is not within the scope of 3GPP, and will therefore not be within the scope of this study either.