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TS 36.213 (RAN1)
E-UTRA — Physical Layer Procedures

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V15.4.0 (PDF)2018/12  … p.  (last PDF not published yet)
V14.9.02018/12  … p.
V13.12.02018/12  … p.
V12.13.0  2018/09  … p.
V11.13.0  2017/09  186 p.
V10.13.0  2015/07  130 p.
V9.3.0  2010/10  82 p.
V8.8.0  2009/09  79 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Love, Robert
See also:
TS 25.214 (UTRA FDD)  .224 (UTRA TDD)

This TS specifies and establishes the characteristics of the physicals layer procedures in the FDD and TDD modes of E-UTRA.