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TR 34.925 (RAN4)
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) requirements and regulations in different regions

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V3.0.0 (PDF)  1999/06  13 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Toufik, Issam

This TR provides information on Radio Frequency (RF) exposure limits and assessment methods for IMT-2000 terminals. It summarises international, regional and national recommendations, standards and regulations relevant to current and future mobile communication devices.

This TR covers only terminal devices that are normally operated close to the user, approximately within 20 cm of any part of the body. For other IMT-2000 RF transmitting equipment, for example base stations, other RF exposure standards, limits and assessment methods than those described in the present document may be applied.

This TR does not define any new RF exposure limits or assessment methods. It refers to recommendations, standards and regulations that already exist or are under development. Like other existing mobile communication terminals, IMT-2000 terminals will be recommended or requested to comply with these guidelines.


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