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TS 34.124 (RAN4)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements
for mobile terminals and ancillary equipment

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Sorensen, Ole Bak
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This TS establishes the essential EMC requirements for "3rd generation" digital cellular mobile terminal equipment and ancillary accessories in combination with a 3GPP user equipment (UE). The equipment conforming to the requirements laid out in this TS and used in its intended electromagnetic environment in accordance with the manufacturers instructions
  • shall not generate electromagnetic disturbances at a level .which may interfere with the intended operation of other equipment;
  • has an adequate level of intrinsic immunity to electromagnetic disturbances to operate as intended;
This TS specifies the applicable EMC tests, the methods of measurement, the frequency range, the limits and the minimum performance criteria for all types of UTRA UE's operating in FDD or TDD modes and their accessories. The TDD has two options. The two options are the 3,84Mcps and 1,28Mcps options respectively. The requirements are listed in different subsections only if the parameters deviate.Base station equipment operating within network infrastructure is outside the scope of this TS. However, this TS does cover mobile and portable equipment that is intended to be operated in a fixed location while connected to the AC mains. Base stations in the radio access network are covered by TS 25.113.

Requirements for the radiated emission from the enclosure port of integral antenna equipment and ancillaries have been included. Technical specifications for conducted emissions from the antenna connector are found in the 3GPP specifications for the radio interface, e.g. TS 34.121 and TS 34.122, for the effective use of the radio spectrum.

The immunity requirements have been selected to ensure an adequate level of compatibility for apparatus in residential, commercial, light industrial and vehicular environments. The levels however, do not cover extreme cases, which may occur in any location but with low probability of occurrence.

The environment classification used in this TS refers to the environment classification used in the Generic Standards IEC 61000-6-1, IEC 61000-6-3, except the vehicular environment class which refers to ISO 7637 Part 1 and Part 2.

Compliance of radio equipment to the requirements of this TS does not signify compliance to any requirement related to the use of the equipment (i.e. licensing requirements).

Compliance to the requirements of this TS does not signify compliance to any safety requirement. However, any temporary or permanent unsafe condition caused by EMC is considered as non-compliance.