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TS 29.311 (CT3)
Service level interworking for Messaging Services

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V15.0.0 (PDF)  2018/06  49 p.
V14.0.0  2017/03  51 p.
V13.0.0  2015/12  50 p.
V12.1.0  2015/03  50 p.
V11.2.0  2015/03  50 p.
V10.6.0  2015/03  50 p.
V9.3.0  2015/03  32 p.
V8.4.0  2015/03  32 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Yan, Yali
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This TS specifies the protocol details of service level interworking between Instant Message (OMA-TS-SIMPLE_IM) or Chat Session (OMA-TS-CPM_Conv_Fnct) using the 3GPP IP Multimedia CN subsystem and the Short Message Service over both legacy CS/PS network as specified in the TS 23.040 and a generic IP Connectivity Access Network (IP-CAN) as specified in the TS 24.341.