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TS 29.214 (CT3)
Policy and Charging Control over Rx reference point

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V15.5.0 (PDF)2018/12  … p.
V14.8.0  2018/06  85 p.
V13.13.0  2018/03  74 p.
V12.12.0  2016/06  63 p.
V11.16.0  2015/09  60 p.
V10.15.02018/12  … p.
V9.17.02018/12  … p.
V8.19.02018/12  … p.
V7.12.0  2012/09  41 p.

Rapporteur:  Miss Fernandez, Susana
Antecedent:  TS 29.209.211
See also:  PCC-related TS/TR

This TS provides the stage 3 specification of the Rx reference point, which lies between the Application Function and the Policy and Charging Rule Function.