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TS 25.144 (RAN4)
User Equipment and Mobile Station
Over The Air performance requirements

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V11.2.0 (PDF)  2012/07  27 p.
V10.2.0  2012/07  18 p.
V9.3.0  2011/01  17 p.
V8.1.0  2009/03  15 p.
V7.0.0  2007/06  15 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Bergljung, Christian
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This TS establishes Over the Air antenna minimum requirements for User Equipment (UE) and Mobile Station (MS). Requirements are defined for roaming bands for the speech position (beside the head). All bands are potential roaming bands, and the requirements for roaming bands shall therefore be fulfilled for all bands supported by a UE/MS.

Requirements for operating bands are dependent on how the network has been built and are thus operator specific and can not be specified here. Recommended performance values for operating bands (Annex Y) are however included in this TS for information. It should be recognised that the ability to meet the recommended performance values depends on the number of frequency bands supported by the UE/MS.