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IETF – distribution of all the RFC numbers

Upmost RFC number:  8051
Obsoleted RFCs:  1137
Not-issued numbers:  193
Unclassified early RFCs:  718
First April RFCs:  52

Valid and classified RFCs:  5951
by WGs/IAB/IRTF/IESG:  4239
non-WG RFCs:  1712
Standard (S): 99
Draft Standard (dS): 82
Proposed Standard (pS): 2696
Best Current Practice (BCP): 222
Informational (Info): 2278
For Your Information (FYI): 36
Experimental (E): 381
Historic (H): 157

the evolution of RFC numbers

by WGs in ART area:
1038 RFCs  (S:6  dS:15  pS:706  BCP:30  Info:231  FYI:3  E:32  H:15)

by WGs in GEN area:
17 RFCs  (BCP:7  Info:10)

by WGs in INT area:
577 RFCs  (S:6  dS:17  pS:358  BCP:14  Info:140  E:34  H:8)

by WGs in OPS area:
508 RFCs  (S:11  dS:4  pS:199  BCP:38  Info:231  E:14  H:11)

by WGs in RTG area:
855 RFCs  (S:5  dS:11  pS:523  BCP:15  Info:241  E:47  H:13)

by WGs in SEC area:
414 RFCs  (S:7  dS:1  pS:277  BCP:2  Info:92  E:20  H:15)

by WGs in TSV area:
475 RFCs  (S:3  dS:2  pS:229  BCP:26  Info:156  FYI:1  E:56  H:2)

by WGs in old areas:
159 RFCs  (S:2  dS:12  pS:65  BCP:1  Info:36  FYI:20  E:6  H:17)

by the IAB:
108 RFCs  (BCP:8  Info:99  H:1)

by the IRTF:
77 RFCs  (BCP:1  Info:43  E:31  H:2)

by the IESG:
11 RFCs  (S:1  BCP:3  Info:6  H:1)

non-WG RFCs (gathered here in VGs):
1712 RFCs  (S:58  dS:20  pS:339  BCP:77  Info:993  FYI:12  E:141  H:72)