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3GPP Glossaries:  Features and Services

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TR 22.985     from Rel-9
Service requirements for UDC

TS 23.335     from Rel-9
UDC - Technical realization and information flows - Stage 2
TR 23.845     Rel-10
Study on UDC evolution

TS 29.335     from Rel-9
UDC - User data repository access protocol over the Ud interface - Stage 3
TR 29.935     from Rel-11
Study on UDC Data Model

TS 32.181     from Rel-9
UDC - Framework for Model Handling and Management
TS 32.182     from Rel-9
UDC - Common baseline information model (CBIM)
TR 32.901     from Rel-11
Study on UDC information model handling and provisioning: Example use cases

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TS 35.215     from Rel-7
Document 1: UEA2 and UIA2 specifications
TS 35.216     from Rel-7
Document 2: SNOW 3G specification
TS 35.217     from Rel-7
Document 3: Implementors' test data
TS 35.218     from Rel-7
Document 4: Design conformance test data
TR 35.919     from Rel-7
Document 5: Design and evaluation report

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TS 23.048     from Rel-3
Security Mechanisms for (U)SAT

TS 31.115     from Rel-3
Secured packet structure for (U)SIM Toolkit applications
TS 31.116     from Rel-3
Remote APDU Structure for (U)SIM Toolkit applications

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Clause 27  of  TS 22.101     from Rel-13
Service Principles – User plane congestion management

TR 22.805     Rel-12
User plane congestion management use cases and requirements

TR 22.806     Rel-13
Study on application-specific congestion control for data communication (ACDC)

TR 23.705     Rel-13
Study on system enhancements for user plane congestion management

Clause 5.3.22  of  TS 23.060     from Rel-13
GPRS – User plane congestion management function

Clause 4.3.24  of  TS 23.401     from Rel-13
GPRS – RAN user plane congestion management function

Clause 4.8  of  TS 29.213     from Rel-13
PCC – Call flows for user plane congestion management

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TS 02.90   …   TS 22.090     from GSM Phase-2
Stage 1

TS 03.90   …   TS 23.090     from GSM Phase-2
Stage 2

TS 04.90   …   TS 24.090     from GSM Phase-2
Stage 3

TS 24.390     from Rel-11
USSD using IMS – Stage 3
TS 24.391     from Rel-12

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TS 25.106     from Rel-4
UTRA repeater radio transmission and reception

TS 25.143     from Rel-4
UTRA repeater conformance testing

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TS 25.401     from Rel-3
UTRAN Overall Description

TS 25.410     from Rel-3
Iu - General Aspects and Principles

TS 25.420     from Rel-3
Iur - General Aspects and Principles

TS 25.430     from Rel-3
Iub - General Aspects and Principles

TS 32.405     from Rel-7
UTRAN Performance Measurements

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TS 02.87   …   TS 22.087     from GSM Rel-98
Stage 1

TS 03.87   …   TS 23.087     from GSM Rel-98
Stage 2

TS 04.87   …   TS 24.087     from GSM Rel-98
Stage 3

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