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TR 43.902 (RAN6)
Enhanced Generic Access Networks (EGAN) study

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Kreuzer, Werner
See also:  GAN-related TS/TR

This TR contains the results of the feasibility study into the enhancements to Generic Access Networks or GAN. Considerations include overall requirements for enhancements, architectural requirements, evaluation of potential architectural solutions and alternative architectures.

The objective is to identify an architectural solution that best meets the requirements as specified in first section. The feasibility study shall also investigate mechanisms for selecting the most appropriate network domain to serve the user.

Existing solutions developed by the 3GPP should be reused as much as possible.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsPDF-p. 8
4  RequirementsPDF-p. 10
5  Architecture alternativesUp
5.1  A/Gn based architectures
5.1.1  Enhanced Up
5.1.2  Combined GANC/SGSNPDF-p. 57
5.2  GAN Iu ModePDF-p. 62
5.2.1  Functional Architecture
5.2.2  Functional entitiesPDF-p. 64
5.2.3  Control and User Plane Architecture
5.2.4  Security MechanismsPDF-p. 71Up
5.2.5  High Level Procedures  Mode Selection in Multi-mode terminals  PLMN SelectionPDF-p. 72  Re-selection between GERAN/UTRAN and GAN modesPDF-p. 73  GAN Discovery and Registration related proceduresPDF-p. 74  GA-RRC Connection handlingPDF-p. 83  Security Mode ControlPDF-p. 84  NAS Signalling Procedures  Mobile Originated CS CallPDF-p. 85  Mobile Terminated CS CallPDF-p. 87  CS Call ClearingPDF-p. 88Up  CS Handover  GA-RRC Packet Transport Channel Management ProceduresPDF-p. 95  PDP Context ActivationPDF-p. 103  Network Requested PDP Context ActivationPDF-p. 104  PS Handover between GERAN and GANPDF-p. 105  SRNS Relocation between UTRAN and GANUp
5.2.6  Terminal Architecture ImpactsPDF-p. 109
6  Evaluation SectionPDF-p. 118
7  ConclusionPDF-p. 132
A  Change historyPDF-p. 134

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