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TS 43.064 (RAN6)
Overall description of the GPRS radio interface – Stage 2

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V14.3.0 (PDF)    2018/03    124 p.
V13.3.0    2016/12    120 p.
V12.2.0    2014/06    108 p.
V11.0.0    2012/09    107 p.
V10.0.0    2010/10    107 p.
V9.0.0    2009/12    107 p.
V8.3.0    2009/09    107 p.
V7.13.0    2009/06    107 p.
V6.11.0    2006/07    70 p.
V5.3.0    2004/05    60 p.
V4.5.0    2004/05    61 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Leppisaari, Arto
Antecedent:  TS 03.64    
See also:  GPRS-related TS/TR    

This TS provides the overall description for lower-layer functions of the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS and EGPRS)) radio interface (Um)). Within this TS the term GPRS refers to GPRS and EGPRS unless explicitly stated otherwise. The overall description provides the following information:
  • The services offered to higher-layer functions,
  • The distribution of required functions into functional groups,
  • A definition of the capabilities of each functional group,
  • Service primitives for each functional group, including a description of what services and information flows are to be provided, and
  • A model of operation for information flows within and between the functions.
This TS is applicable to the following GPRS Um functional layers:
  • Radio Link Control functions,
  • Medium Access Control functions, and
  • Physical Link Control functions.


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