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draft-TS 38.141-2 (RAN4)
NR –Base Station (BS) conformance testing
Part 2: Radiated conformance testing

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V1.0.0 (Wzip)  2018/09  179 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Chen, Xiang (Steven)
See also:  TS 36.141 (E-UTRA)

The present document specifies the Radio Frequency (RF) test methods and conformance requirements for NR Base Station (BS) type 1-H, BS type 1-O and BS type 2-O. These have been derived from, and are consistent with the radiated requirements for BS type 1-H, BS type 1-O and BS type 2-O in NR BS specification defined in TS 38.104.

A BS type 1-C only has conducted requirements so it does not require compliance to this specification.
A BS type 1-H has both conducted and radiated requirements so it requires compliance to the applicable requirements of this specification and TS 38.141-1.
BS type 1-O and BS type 2-O have only radiated requirements so they require compliance to this specification only.