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TS 38.104:  links to 3GPP and IETF References

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[1] TR 21.905
Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications
[2] ITU-R Recommendation SM.329
Unwanted emissions in the spurious domain
[3] Recommendation ITU-R SM.328
Spectra and bandwidth of emissions
[4] TR 25.942
RF system scenarios
[5] TS 38.141-1
NR; Base Station (BS) conformance testing; Part 1: Conducted conformance testing
[6] TS 38.141-2
NR; Base Station (BS) conformance testing; Part 2: Radiated conformance testing
[7] Recommendation ITU-R M.1545
Measurement uncertainty as it applies to test limits for the terrestrial component of International Mobile Telecommunications-2000
[8] Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Communications Commission
[9] TR 38.211
NR; Physical channels and modulation
[10] TS 38.213
NR; Physical layer procedures for control