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TS 37.145-2 (RAN4)
Active Antenna System (AAS) Base Station (BS) conformance testing –
Part 2: Radiated conformance testing

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(P) V13.3.0    2017/06    xx p.       (P) V13.2.0    2017/03    50 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Kybett, Richard
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1   Scope   PDF-p. 7
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations   PDF-p. 8
4   General test conditions and declarations   PDF-p. 13
4.1   Measurement uncertainties and test requirements
4.2   Conducted and radiated requirement reference points
4.3   Base station classes for AAS BS   PDF-p. 15
4.4   Regional requirements
4.5   Operating bands and band categories
4.6   Channel arrangements
4.7   Requirements for AAS BS capable of multi-band operation
4.8   AAS BS configurations      Up
4.9   Capability sets
4.10   Manufacturer declarations
4.11   Test signal configurations for testing   PDF-p. 20
4.11.1   General
4.11.2   Test signal configurations   PDF-p. 21   ATCR1: UTRA multicarrier operation      Up   ANTCR1: UTRA FDD multicarrier non-contiguous operation   ATCR2: E-UTRA multicarrier operation   ANTCR2: E-UTRA multicarrier non-contiguous operation   ATCR3: UTRA and E-UTRA multi RAT operation   ANTCR3: UTRA and E-UTRA multi RAT non-contiguous operation   ATCR4: Single carrier for receiver tests   Generation of MB-MSR test configurations   ATCR6: Single carrier for Transmitter tests   PDF-p. 28
4.12   RF channels and test models   PDF-p. 29      Up
4.13   Format and interpretation of tests   PDF-p. 30
4.14   Reference coordinate system   PDF-p. 31

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