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TR 36.833-1-07 (RAN4)
LTE-Advanced intra-band contiguous Carrier Aggregation
in Band 7

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V11.0.0 (Wzip)  2013/08  19 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Ma, Zhangchao
See also:  intra-band-contiguous-CA-related TS/TR

Band 7 is a major FDD LTE band which has been allocated in Region 1, and most likely to be allocated in China. Some operators have been granted with more than 20MHz bandwidth and have big interests to support carrier aggregation in this band.

Building on the generic intra-band carrier aggregation work of Band 1, this work item proposes to start the work on intra-band contiguous carrier aggregation for Band 7 to support deployment of LTE-advanced. The output of this work item can also be reused, in case of Band 7 is authorized for FDD LTE deployment in other regions in the future.

The present document is a technical report of the work item for LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation in Band 7 which was approved at TSG RAN #53. The report provides background, analysis of the requirements, and a list of recommended changes to the specifications.