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TR 36.821 (RAN4)
Extended UMTS/LTE 1500 work item technical report

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V9.1.0 (Wzip)  2010/03  48 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Suwa, Shingo
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This TR is a report of the Extended UMTS/LTE 1500 work item, which was established at TSG RAN#44. The objective of this work item is to provide UTRA and E-UTRA specification support for FDD in the Extended 1500 MHz band in Japan.

In addition to the schedule and status of the work items, the report includes a description of the motivation, requirements, study results and specification recommendations.


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1 Scope2 References3 Definitions, symbols and abbreviations3.1 Definitions3.2 Symbols3.3 Abbreviations4 Background4.1 Task description5 Study of UTRA Requirements5.1 Co-existing with other technologies5.2 Technical conditions for UTRA5.3 Frequency bands and channel arrangement5.4 Specific UE RF requirements5.5 Specific BS RF requirements6 Study of E-UTRA requirements6.1 Co-existing with other technologies6.2 Technical conditions for E-UTRA6.3 Operating bands and channel arrangement6.4 Specific UE RF requirements6.5 Specific BS RF requirements7 Summary of required changes to UTRA specifications7.1 Required changes to TS 25.1017.2 Required changes to TS 25.1047.3 Required changes to TS 25.1137.4 Required changes to TS 25.1337.5 Required changes to TS 25.1417.6 Required changes to TS 34.1247.7 Required changes to TS 25.3067.8 Required changes to TS 25.3077.9 Required changes to TS 25.3317.10 Required changes to TS 25.4617.11 Required changes to TS 25.4668 Summary of required changes to E-UTRA specifications8.1 Required changes to TS 36.1018.2 Required changes to TS 36.1048.3 Required changes to TS 36.1138.4 Required changes to TS 36.1248.5 Required changes to TS 36.1338.6 Required changes to TS 36.1418.7 Required changes to TS 36.3318.8 New specification, TS 36.3079 Project plan9.1 Schedule and Work Task Status10 Open issuesA UARFCN numbersA.1 List of UARFCN used for UTRA FDD bandsB Change history


1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 7
4  Background
5  Study of UTRA Requirements
6  Study of E-UTRA requirementsWord-p. 20
7  Summary of required changes to UTRA specifications
8  Summary of required changes to E-UTRA specifications
9  Project planWord-p. 44
10  Open issues
A  UARFCN numbersWord-p. 45
B  Change historyWord-p. 48Up

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