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TR 36.754 (RAN2)
Study on Uplink (UL) data compression in LTE

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V15.1.0 (Wzip)    2017/09    33 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Worrall, Chandrika
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The present document is related to the study item "Study on UL data compression in LTE". This Technical Report constitutes performance evaluation of potential data compression schemes to support increased uplink capacity for E-UTRA.

This document captures descriptions related to the evaluation methodology used technical outcomes of the study, analysis of potential UL data compression solutions and a conclusion on the way forward.


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1   Scope   Word-p. 4
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations   Word-p. 5
4   Requirements on UL data compression
5   Use cases and traffic characteristics   Word-p. 6
6   Evaluation Methodology   Word-p. 11
7   UL data compression solutions   Word-p. 13
8   Conclusions   Word-p. 32
A   Void
B   Change history   Word-p. 33

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