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TS 36.444 (RAN3)
E-UTRAN – M3 Application Protocol (M3AP)

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V15.0.0 (PDF)2018/09  67 p.
V14.1.0  2017/06  67 p.
V13.2.0  2016/03  67 p.
V12.2.0  2015/03  67 p.
V11.6.0  2013/06  66 p.
V10.4.0  2012/12  55 p.
V9.4.0  2011/04  53 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Yang, Li
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This TS specifies the E-UTRAN radio network layer signalling protocol for the M3 interface. The M3 Application Protocol (M3AP) supports the functions of M3 interface by signalling procedures defined in this TS. M3AP is developed in accordance to the general principles stated in TS 36.401 and TS 36.300.