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7   Security Procedures between UE and EPS Access Network Elements [R8]   PDF-p. 31      Up
7.0   General [R10]
7.1   Mechanism for user identity confidentiality
7.2   Handling of user-related keys in E-UTRAN
7.2.1   E-UTRAN key setting during AKA
7.2.2   E-UTRAN key identification
7.2.3   E-UTRAN key lifetimes   PDF-p. 32
7.2.4   Security mode command procedure and algorithm negotiation
7.2.4a   Algorithm negotiation for unauthenticated UEs in LSM [R9]   PDF-p. 36
7.2.5   Key handling at state transitions to and away from EMM-DEREGISTERED   PDF-p. 37      Up
7.2.6   Key handling in ECM-IDLE to ECM-CONNECTED and ECM-CONNECTED to ECM-IDLE transitions
7.2.7   Key handling for the TAU procedure when registered in E-UTRAN      Up
7.2.8   Key handling in handover   PDF-p. 41
7.2.9   Key-change-on-the fly
7.2.10   Rules on Concurrent Running of Security Procedures
7.2.11   Suspend and resume of RRC connection [R13]   PDF-p. 46
7.3   UP security mechanisms
7.4   RRC security mechanisms   PDF-p. 49
7.5   Signalling procedure for periodic local authentication   PDF-p. 51      Up
8   Security mechanisms for non-access stratum signalling and data via MME [R8]   PDF-p. 52
9   Security interworking between E-UTRAN and UTRAN [R8]
10   Security interworking between E-UTRAN and GERAN [R8]

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