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TR 29.935 (CT4)
Study on User Data Convergence (UDC) data model

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V14.0.0 (PDF)    2017/03    44 p.
V13.0.0    2015/12    44 p.
V12.0.0    2014/09    44 p.
V11.0.0    2012/09    44 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Ficaccio, Mauro
See also:  UDC-related TS/TR    

This TR analyses and evaluates the definition of a Reference Data Model (RDM) for Ud interface between Front-Ends (FEs) for the HSS application and the User Data Repository (UDR).

The analysis will comprise the following topics:
  • The general considerations impacting the RDM for HSS;
  • Attributes definition: names, syntax, semantics;
  • Object classes and Directory Information Tree: object classes names, attributes grouping, LDAP entries,


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations   PDF-p. 7
4   General considerations   PDF-p. 8
5   Identifier   PDF-p. 12
6   UDC Service Profile
7   UDC Service Data shared by several domains   PDF-p. 16
8   UDC CS Service Data
9   UDC GPRS Service Data
10   UDC EPS Service Data
11   UDC IMS Service Data   PDF-p. 18
11.1   Object classes and their attributes
11.2   Directory Information Tree
11.3   UML model
12   Conclusion and Recommendation   PDF-p. 40
A   Change history   PDF-p. 42

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