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TS 29.468 (CT3)
Group Communication System Enablers for LTE (GCSE_LTE) –
MB2 reference point –
Stage 3

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V15.2.0 (Wzip)    2017/12    39 p.
V14.3.0 (PDF)    2017/12    42 p.
V13.4.0    2017/12    38 p.
V12.5.0    2017/06    35 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Belling, Thomas
See also:  GCSE_LTE-related TS/TR    

This document defines the protocol for the MB2 reference point between the Group Communication Service Application Server (GCS AS) and the Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC).

for V13, V14, V15:    Correction for MBMS Bearer Event-Notification AVP   |   Generic error code in MB2 response
for V15:    Clarification for MBMS bearer activation procedure


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