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TS 29.109 (CT4)
Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) –
Zh and Zn interfaces based on the Diameter protocol – Stage 3

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Wiehe, Ulrich
See also:  GAA/GBA-related TS/TR

The present stage 3 specification defines the Diameter based implementation for bootstrapping Zh interface (BSF-HSS) and Dz interface (BSF-SLF) for HSS resolution for the BSF, the MAP based implementation for bootstrapping Zh' interface (BSF-HLR) and GAA Application Zn interface (BSF-NAF) in Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA).

This specification also defines the Web Services based implementation for GAA Application Zn reference point (BSF-NAF). The definition contains procedures, message contents and coding. The procedures for bootstrapping and usage of bootstrapped security association are defined in TS 33.220.

This TS also specifies the Diameter and Web Services based implementation for the GAA Application Push Function Zpn reference point (BSF-NAF). The procedures for bootstrapping are defined in TS 33.223.

The diameter based implementation for the Zh interface is based on re-usage of Cx interface Multimedia-AuthRequest/Answer messages originally between CSCF and HSS. These messages are defined in TS 29.229. The 3GPP IMS mobility management uses the same definitions between CSCF and HSS. This TS defines how the defined messages are used with the bootstrapping and GAA application procedures (e.g. subscriber certificates) and the application logic that is needed in GAA network elements (BSF, HSS, and NAF).


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1  Scope [R6]PDF-p. 7
2  References [R6]PDF-p. 11
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R6]PDF-p. 13
4  GBA Bootstrapping Zh interface and Zh' interface [R6]PDF-p. 15
5  GAA Application Zn and Zpn interfaces [R6]PDF-p. 23
6  Diameter application for Zh, Zn and Zpn interfaces [R6]PDF-p. 37
7  Use of namespaces [R6]PDF-p. 44Up

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