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TS 29.061 (CT3)
Interworking between
the PLMN supporting packet-based services and
Packet Data Networks (PDN)

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Emanuelsson, Sven-ove
Antecedent:  TS 09.61    

This TS defines the requirements for Packet Domain interworking between a PLMN and a PDN, and between a PLMN and a PLMN. This TS is valid for a PLMN in A/Gb mode as well as for a PLMN in Iu mode. For interworking between EPC PLMN and external networks, the present document is valid for both 3GPP accesses and non-3GPP accesses.

This TS also defines, in clause 17, the protocol for the Gmb interface, in clause 20, the protocol for the SGmb interface, and in clause 19, the protocol for the Mz interface. This TS also defines, in clause 18, the usage of Radius at the Pk Reference Point between the GGSN and the Presence Network Agent.

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