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TS 26.246 (SA4)
PSS – Transparent end-to-end Packet-Switched Streaming service –
3GPP SMIL language profile

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V15.0.0 (PDF)  2018/06  18 p.
V14.0.0  2017/03  19 p.
V13.0.0  2015/12  19 p.
V12.0.0  2014/09  19 p.
V11.0.0  2012/09  19 p.
V10.0.0  2011/04  19 p.
V9.0.0  2009/12  19 p.
V8.0.0  2008/12  19 p.
V7.0.0  2007/06  19 p.
V6.1.0  2006/10  19 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Bouazizi, Imed
See also:  PSS-related TS/TR

This TS includes the specification of the 3GPP SMIL Language Profile. The 3GPP SMIL Language Profile is also referred to as "3GPP PSS SMIL Language Profile" and also just "3GPP SMIL". The 3GPP SMIL Language Profile is based on SMIL 2.0 Basic and SMIL Scalability Framework.

It is a clean subset of SMIL 2.0 Full profile, and a clear superset of SMIL 2.0 Basic. The 3GPP SMIL Language Profile is used by the PSS and MMS services. The 3GPP SMIL Language Profile is in no way restricted to be used with only these services, but can also be used for other services.