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TS 26.091 (SA4)
Mandatory Speech Codec speech processing functions –
Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) speech codec – Error concealment of lost frames

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(P) V14.0    2017/03    15 p.
(P) V13.0    2015/12    15 p.
(P) V12.0    2014/09    15 p.
(P) V11.0    2012/09    15 p.
(P) V10.0    2011/04    15 p.
(P) V9.0    2009/12    15 p.
(P) V8.0    2008/12    15 p.
(P) V7.0    2007/06    15 p.
(P) V6.0    2005/01    15 p.
(P) V5.0    2002/06    15 p.
(P) V4.0    2001/04    15 p.
(P) V3.1    1999/12    15 p.
(P) GSM Rel-98 v7.1.1    2000/05    14 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Bruhn, Stefan
Antecedent:  TS 06.91    
See also:  AMR-related TS/TR    

This TS defines an error concealment procedure, also termed frame substitution and muting procedure, which shall be used by the AMR speech codec receiving end when one or more lost speech or lost Silence Descriptor (SID) frames are received.

The requirements of this TS are mandatory for implementation in all networks and User Equipment (UE)s capable of supporting the AMR speech codec. It is not mandatory to follow the bit exact implementation outlined in this TS and the corresponding C source code.


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