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TS 25.123 (RAN4)
UTRA – Requirements for support of Radio Resource Management (TDD)

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Guerrini, Claudio
See also:  TS 36.133 (E-UTRA)

This TS specifies requirements for support of Radio Resource Management for TDD. These requirements include requirements on measurements in UTRAN and the UE as well as requirements on node dynamic behaviour and interaction, in terms of delay and response characteristics.


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1  Scope [R3]PDF-p. 27
2  References [R3]
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R3]PDF-p. 28
4  Idle Mode [R3]PDF-p. 31
4.1  Cell Selection
4.2  Cell Re-selectionUp
4.2.1  Introduction
4.2.2  Requirements  Measurement and evaluation of cell selection criteria S of serving cellPDF-p. 32  Measurement of intra-frequency cellsPDF-p. 33Up  Measurement of inter-frequency TDD cells  1.28 Mcps TDD to 3.84 Mcps TDD cell re-selection [R4]PDF-p. 35  3.84 Mcps TDD to 1.28 Mcps TDD cell re-selection [R4]  7.68 Mcps TDD to 3.84 Mcps TDD cell re-selection [R7]PDF-p. 36Up  3.84 Mcps TDD to 7.68 Mcps TDD cell re-selection [R7]  Measurement of inter-frequency FDD cellsPDF-p. 37  Measurement of inter-RAT GSM cells  Measurements of inter-RAT E-UTRA cells [R8]PDF-p. 40  Evaluation of cell reselection criteriaPDF-p. 41  Maximum interruption time in paging receptionPDF-p. 42  Number of cells in cell listsPDF-p. 44Up  Additional requirements for inter-frequency measurements when MBMS reception is active [R6]
4.3  MBSFN cluster selection for carriers dedicated to MBSFN [R7]
4.4  MBSFN cluster reselection for carriers dedicated to MBSFN [R7]
4.5  Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) [R10]

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